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Portable Electric Scissors WBT-1

Portable Electric Scissors WBT-1

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This superb easy to use portable electric scissors are an essential tool for effortless cutting and drafting of patterns and small production garments, accessories, curtains, upholstery and craft applications. Suitable for both household and Industrial production, garments, fabric, underwear, leather, composite materials, shoes and hats, furniture, packaging, curtain cloth, car accessory, etc. Productivity is improved 2-3 times that of traditional manual scissors, improving efficiency, reducing fatigue and production costs. Cut things quickly, safely and with accuracy, great for cutting out smooth curves-easy flow shears.

Environmentally friendly as it has a low power consumption but a high energy efficiency, safe and reliable to use. Low noise, favourable heat emissions, anti-fatigue and strong continuous working capacity.

Precision-machined tungsten steel blades, strong and durable, high hardness, high rigidity. Large-capacity Nickel-metal Hydride Battery 2200 mAh, fully charged in 60 minutes, lasts 120 mins of continuous use. Comes with a rechargeable battery and electric plug. Can be used whilst plugged in or with the portable battery. Easy change cutter head and battery. Cutting capacity from 0 to 8mm suitable for a range of materials: sponge, felt, knitted cotton: within 15mm; Clothing, textile fabric, knitwear, curtain: within 8mm; Glass fibre, imitation leather, rubber, carpet, soft plastic, paper products: within 5mm; Leather, carbon fibre, aramid fibre: within 3mm. Rated Power 32W

Comes complete with charging Stand, power adapter, rechargeable battery, one cutter head and 3 pin adapter.

Also Available Spare Battery And Replacement Head A And Head B

Head A is sharp blade and suitable for most fabrics

Head B is blunt blade and is suitable for thin and soft fabrics

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