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Interleaving Tissue Paper Roll For Fabric Laying - Batch Dividing

Interleaving Tissue Paper Roll For Fabric Laying - Batch Dividing

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Enhance Your Fabric Cutting Process with Interleaving Tissue Paper Roll

In the textile industry, precision is key, especially during the fabric cutting process. That's where a interleaving tissue paper roll comes in as an invaluable tool. Used between fabric layers during cutting, this tissue paper serves multiple purposes, from preventing shifting and distortion to ensuring accurate cuts and efficient counting of fabric lays and dye batches.

Prevent Shifting and Distortion: When cutting multiple layers of fabric simultaneously, the layers can easily shift or become misaligned, leading to uneven cuts and distorted pieces. Interleaving tissue paper acts as a stable barrier between the fabric layers, effectively holding them in place and preventing any unwanted shifting or distortion.

Ensure Accuracy and Consistency: By stabilizing the fabric layers, interleaving tissue paper contributes to more accurate and consistent cuts. This helps in maintaining uniformity across fabric pieces and streamlining the cutting process for increased efficiency.

Easy Removal and Clean Finish: After the cutting is complete, the tissue paper can be effortlessly removed from the fabric pieces. This leaves behind clean and undamaged surfaces, ready for further processing or assembly.

Quality and Specifications:

  • Thickness of 28gsm.
  • Width of 60" (152cm)
  • Length: 300 meters approximately  
  • Colour: Pink.

Elevate your fabric cutting process with our high-quality interleaving tissue paper. Explore our shop for more amazing products, similar to these tissue paper rolls, and discover a wide range of tools and supplies to optimize your workflow. Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to reach out, and our team will be happy to help. Get ready to revolutionize your fabric cutting experience with our premium interleaving tissue paper rolls!



Interleaving Tissue Paper Roll For Fabric Laying - Batch Dividing

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