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Kraft Paper Roll - Ribbed Standard 90gsm

Kraft Paper Roll - Ribbed Standard 90gsm

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Elevate Your Packaging with Premium Kraft Paper Roll

Indulge in the versatility and durability of our pure ribbed Kraft paper roll, meticulously crafted from virgin material and fully recyclable. Designed to meet the highest standards, our Kraft paper is the ideal choice for wrapping materials, ensuring secure packaging, impeccable presentation, and protection against scratches during transit. Trusted and approved by postal services worldwide, it guarantees the safe delivery of your parcels.

Versatile Usage:

  • Perfect for a wide range of applications, including wrapping materials, void filling, and safeguarding delicate items.
  • Embraced by florists, supermarkets, engineering companies, and general wrapping purposes.

Ideal for the Garment Industry:

  • Preferred choice for pattern-making, pattern drafting, template patterns, and pattern transfer in the garment industry.
  • Trusted by designers and dressmakers alike for its reliability and versatility.

Premium Quality:

  • Crafted with a 90gsm thickness for durability and strength.
  • Available in three convenient sizes: 24" (600mm) rolls with 225m length, 30" (760mm) rolls with 225m length, and 36" (914mm) rolls with 200m length.
  • Features a 50mm core, compatible with plotter machines and CAD/CAM systems.

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Kraft Paper Roll - Ribbed Standard 90gsm

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