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Pentel Permanent Markers N50-N60

Pentel Permanent Markers N50-N60

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Pentel Permanent Marker, renowned for its robust construction and versatility.

The Pentel marker features a durable aluminium barrel that ensures longevity and a bonded fibre tip designed to retain its shape through extensive use. Whether you're marking boxes, labelling files, or jotting down instructions on a variety of surfaces—including cardboard, metal, wood, plastic, and glass—this marker performs exceptionally.

Product Highlights:

  • Ink Properties: Waterproof and fade-proof ink guarantees clear, vibrant markings that last long on almost any surface.
  • Eco-friendly Design: Made without PVC, aligning with environmental sustainability efforts.
  • Versatile Tips: Available in two styles, the bullet tip (N50) approximately 2.2mm line width for precise lines, and the chisel tip (N60) ranging from 3.9mm to 5.7mm for broad or angled strokes.
  • Colour Options: Choose from a palette of Black, Blue, Red, Green, or Assorted Colours to suit different tasks and preferences.
  • Packaging: Sold in boxes of 12 markers, perfect for office, home, or industrial use.


  • Labelling: Ideal for creating permanent labels on various materials.
  • Identification: Quickly identify contents and ownership on personal and professional items.
  • General Marking: Useful for educational settings, workshops, and craft activities, where permanent marking is essential.

Pentel's commitment to quality ensures that each marker not only meets but exceeds expectations with its reliable performance and clean, distinct lines. Whether for personal projects at home or demanding tasks in a professional setting, Pentel Permanent Markers are the go-to choice for durable, lasting marks.

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Discover the Pentel permanent marker: robust aluminum barrel, bonded fiber tip, and waterproof, fade-proof ink. Writes on cardboard, metal, wood, plastic, and glass. Ideal for labelling and marking. PVC-free and eco-friendly.

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