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Pentel Permanent Markers N850 And N860

Pentel Permanent Markers N850 And N860

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A more economical version of the very popular Pentel N50/N60 permanent markers. A bonded fibre tip that retains its shape in a plastic barrelled body with a anti-roll cap. The waterproof and fade proof ink will write on almost any surface, including cardboard, metal, wood, plastic and glass. Great for labelling, identification, box marking and general marking tasks. PVC-free and eco-friendly. Comes in two point styles bullet Tip (Ref: N850) approx. 2mm line width or chisel tip (Ref: N860) 2.5mm to 7mm. Available in 4 Colours Black, Blue, Red and Assorted, 12 markers per Box. 2 Point styles N850-Bullet Tip, N860-Chisel Tip.

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