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Olfa Chenille Cutter CHB-1

Olfa Chenille Cutter CHB-1

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The ultimate, uniquely designed revolutionary multi-purpose Chenille Cutter By ‘OLFA’ not only helps you easily make your own chenille fabric but will also cut multiple layers of fabric as well as paper, card, photographs, cotton, felt, fleece, and much more. Use this tool to make your own chenille. Four feet act as a channel guide to create chenille in four widths- 1/8, 1 /4, 3/8 or 1/2 inch for a variety of looks. The ultra-sharp double-honed circular blade does not rotate as it tears through fabric with ease. The ratchet dial turns to expose a fresh blade edge, up to 24 edges. Its premium Olfa-quality blade provides superior sharpness and durability. No scissors required. Cuts up to eight layers of fabric Designed for both right and left handed use. No exposed blade edge for extra safety. Cuts curved and straight lines effortlessly. Comes Complete with a case convenient for carrying and storing the cutter. Pack of 1.



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