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Ambersil 40+ Penetrating & Protective Lubricant - 400ml

Ambersil 40+ Penetrating & Protective Lubricant - 400ml

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Ambersil 40+ repels moisture, protects against corrosion, lubricates and penetrates. Removes light surface rust. anti-corrosion coating to prevent flash rusting on steel, and as a moisture displacer in high humidity environments. A complete maintenance treatment for protection against corrosion, water displacement, gives lasting protection against further attack and removes and repels ambient moisture. As a penetrant, it will quickly free seized nuts, bolts, bearings and hinges. Effective on all electrical and mechanical equipment. Helping to protect metal components against rust and clean grease and grime from threads and components. Ideal ‘Damp Start’ for ignition systems. Operational from -20°C to +115°C. Will not affect paints or plastics. Do not use on live electrical equipment. Use for Cars, bikes, machinery etc. Can sprays through 360°.

Size: - 400ml

Available: - Single

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