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Amberklene FE10 Cleaning Degreasing Spray by Ambersil

Amberklene FE10 Cleaning Degreasing Spray by Ambersil

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Amberklene FE10 is a fast evaporating degreasing solvent blend which contains no CFCs or other chlorinated solvents. It is an ideal alternative to Trichloroethane 1.1.1. Powerful flushing action rapidly dissolves and removes contaminants. A highly effective degreasing agent for all hydrocarbon soiling, including grease, oil, wax, tar, bitumen and other deposits. Can be used for mould cleaning, general degreasing of electrical contacts, machinery including chains, gears, bearings, drives, motors, and spot cleaning on upholstery and fabric. For use in numerous industries including where a fast and effective cleaning solvent is require. Efficiently cleans ferrous and non-ferrous metals, evaporating quickly to leave a clean, dry surface. Zero residue - perfect for surface preparation prior to bonding, painting, coating, or re-lubrication. Evaporates completely.

  • Degreasing Bearings
  • Surface preparation prior to painting
  • Spot removal for textiles
  • Mould tool degreaser/ cleaner
  • Precision engine component degreaser
  • Printing
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Light and Heavy Engineering
  • Spot Cleaning On Textiles

 Size: - 400ml

Available: - Single and Boxes of 12

Caution: - May affect certain plastics. Always test a small, inconspicuous area before general use. Ensure electrical equipment is switched off before cleaning.

NB These are out of date but are in very good condition. Please purchase one to test its suitability for your application, as these are non-returnable.


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