Heatseal Spot & Cross Cutting Room | Pattern Marking Paper used for clothing, garment, upholstery, car seat manufactures

Superior Heatseal - Numbered Paper

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A high quality pure cellulose white heat-seal paper. Printed with blue numbers 0 to 4 at 2.5cm (approximately 1") intervals on strong white paper. The paper has heat activated glue on one side to attach the markers to the lay of fabric ready for cutting. Used for making manual markers in the cutting room. The glue is a special adhesive which adheres to virtually all fabrics at low temperatures when applied with heat and can be removed easily once markers are cut without leaving any residue behind. Always test glue on waste fabric before attaching. Approx. weight 70gsm, 250mts per roll, available in various sizes. White in colour, made from virgin material, fully recyclable.

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