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Perforated Underlay Paper - Kraft Paper Roll - FREE SHIPPING!

Perforated Underlay Paper - Kraft Paper Roll - FREE SHIPPING!

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Premium Kraft Paper Roll Perforated Underlay

Introducing our premium Kraft Paper Roll, meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency in automated cutting systems. Combining the reliability of Eclipse Underlay Paper with superior air flotation capabilities, our perforated underlay paper is engineered to optimize vacuum inflow for various fabric types, including woven, knitted, leisure, and technical fabrics, as well as automotive applications.

Optimised Perforation Design: Our perforated underlay paper features uniform perforations at equidistant intervals, ensuring optimal airflow and vacuum distribution across the cutting table. This design enhances efficiency and precision in the cutting process, allowing for smooth and accurate fabric handling.

Enhanced Productivity: Experience uninterrupted productivity and efficiency in your cutting room with our perforated underlay paper. Its high-quality construction ensures consistent performance, keeping your cutting operations running smoothly and productively.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of applications, our perforated underlay paper is compatible with all types of fabrics and automated cutting systems. Whether you're working with woven, knitted, or technical fabrics, our underlay paper delivers reliable results every time.

Convenient Roll Size: Each roll is produced with a 3" (76mm) core and offers approximately 200 meters of perforated underlay paper. Choose from available sizes including:

60" (1524mm)

64" (1625mm)

72" (1828mm)   Please note that 72" rolls are available only in minimum pallet orders of 5.

FREE SHIPPING!!! Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on your order, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Explore our shop for more amazing products, similar to our Kraft Paper Roll, and discover a wide range of solutions to elevate your cutting processes.

Elevate your cutting room efficiency with our premium Kraft Paper Roll. Order now and experience superior performance and productivity in your automated cutting operations!

Perforated Underlay Paper - Kraft Paper Roll

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Andrew B.

Received what was ordered at a reasonable price, good service and we will use them again.