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Lay Flat Tubing - 50 Microns

Lay Flat Tubing - 50 Microns

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Lay flat tubing made from reground material to protect the environment. Easily seals odd shapes and long products providing protection from water, dirt and dust for storage or transit, Ideal for retail, manufacturing environments and for export packing. Used in manufacturing processes to shuttle parts and components around the factory environment can also be used to dispose of waste (cut to required size to reduce costs). Can be used with most heat sealers simply insert the product into the polythene tubing and heat seal the ends, alternatively seal with tape or bag or cable ties.  The ultimate in strength and abrasion resistance. 100% Opaque, Thickness is 50 microns (200 gauge), made from low density (LD) Polythene. The width is measured folded flat and is not the diameter. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process Lay Flat Tubing is subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/-10%.

Available sizes:

610mm (24”) approx Weight 22-24 kilos

762mm (30”) approx Weight 24-26 kilos

910mm (36”) approx Weight 25-27 kilos


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