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Janome 8" Hot Forged Fully Nickel Plated True Fabric Scissors Left Handed

Janome 8" Hot Forged Fully Nickel Plated True Fabric Scissors Left Handed

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Janome 8" Hot Forged Fully Nickel Plated True Fabric Scissors Left Handed

These premium Janome left-handed fabric scissors are specifically designed to meet the needs of sewing professionals who require tools that offer both precision and comfort. Made in Italy, these scissors embody quality with their hot forged, fully nickel-plated steel construction, ensuring they withstand the test of time with remarkable durability and ongoing reliability.

Exceptional Design for Left-Handed Use:
Featuring a truly left-handed design, these scissors provide an ergonomic advantage, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort during long cutting sessions. This design is crucial for left-handed users who need tools tailored to their natural hand alignment.

Optimal Size for Versatile Cutting Tasks:
With an 8-inch (20.5cm) length, these scissors are perfectly sized for a variety of sewing tasks. From cutting patterns and fabrics to trimming seams and making detailed snips, they offer exceptional control and effortless cutting through various materials.

Enhanced Handling Features:
The elongated rings are not just a design element but a functional feature that provides greater control and leverage, facilitating precision cuts with minimal effort. This feature is especially beneficial when working with challenging or layered fabrics.

Added Protection for Longevity:
Each pair of scissors comes with a blade protector to ensure the sharpness and safety of the blades when not in use. This thoughtful addition helps maintain the scissors in top condition, protecting both the blades and the user.

Lightweight and Durable:
Weighing just 185 grams, these scissors are light enough to handle comfortably yet robust enough to handle thick and heavy fabrics without strain.

Ideal for Every Fabric Craftsman:
Whether you are a designer, seamstress, tailor, or hobbyist, these Janome left-handed scissors are an essential tool for your crafting arsenal, combining functionality with professional-grade quality.

Brand: Janome
Material: Fully Nickel Plated Steel
Size: 8" (20.5cm)
Weight: 185g
Sold: Single

Enhance your sewing experience with Janome's left-handed fabric scissors—engineered for precision, comfort, and unmatched durability. Perfect for those who value efficiency and ergonomic design in their sewing tools.

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Fabric Scissors left handed

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