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Interleaving Tissue Paper For Fabric Laying

Interleaving Tissue Paper For Fabric Laying

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Interleaving tissue paper is commonly used in the textile industry for fabric laying. It is used as a temporary layer between fabric layers during the cutting process to prevent shifting, distortion, counting lays and fabric dye batches.

When cutting multiple layers of fabric at once, the layers can shift or become misaligned, which can result in uneven cuts or distorted pieces. Interleaving tissue paper provides a stable layer between the fabric layers, helping to hold them in place and prevent shifting.

The tissue paper will help to stabilize the layers and prevent shifting, resulting in more accurate and consistent cuts.

After cutting, the tissue paper can be easily removed from the fabric pieces, leaving behind clean and undamaged surfaces. Overall, interleaving tissue paper is an effective and inexpensive tool for improving the accuracy and efficiency of the fabric cutting process.

Thickness: 28gsm

Width: 60" (152cm)

Length: 300mts approx

Colour: Pink

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