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Polythene Grip Seal Resealable Bags

Polythene Grip Seal Resealable Bags

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These durable and see-through grip seal bags are perfect for organising and storing a variety of items. Made from 45 micron (180 gauge) low density polythene, they securely close and reseal with ease. They also provide protection against dirt and moisture, making them ideal for storage. With high clarity and food-safe materials, these bags are great for product presentation and can even be used as freezer bags. Sold in packs of 100 or boxes of 1000, they offer great value and superb quality.

MG0 1½" x 2½" 38mm x 64mm
MG1 2¼" x 2¼" 57mm X 57mm
MG2 2¼" x 3" 57mm x 76mm
MG3 3" x 3¼" 76mm x 83mm
MG4 3½" x 4½" 89mm x 114mm
MG5 4½" x 4½" 114mm x 114mm
MG6 4" x 5½" 102mm x 140mm
MG7 5½" x 5½" 140mm x 140mm
MG8 3" x 7½" 76mm x 190mm
MG9 5" x 7½" 127mm x 190mm
MG10 7½" x 7½" 190mm x 190mm
MG11 6" x 9" 152mm x 229mm
MG12 8" x 11" 203mm x 279mm
MG13 12¾" x 12¾" 324mm x 324mm
MG14 10" x 14" 254mm x 356mm
MG15 11" x 16" 279mm x 406mm
MG16 13" x 18" 330mm x 457mm
MG17 15" x 20" 381mm x 508mm
MGA4 9" x 12¾" 229mm x 324mm
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