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Industrial Lockstitch Standard Bobbin Case Internal Latch Screw Pk 2 - 151030-001

Industrial Lockstitch Standard Bobbin Case Internal Latch Screw Pk 2 - 151030-001

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Industrial Lockstitch Standard Bobbin Case Internal Latch Screw

Ensure your industrial sewing machines operate smoothly with our high-quality Industrial Lockstitch Standard Bobbin Case Internal Latch Screws. These essential screws secure the latch and its spring inside the bobbin case, a critical component for all flatbed single needle lockstitch machines. Our screws are universally compatible with a wide range of industrial sewing machines, making them a must-have for machine maintenance.

Product Features:

  • Part No: 151030-001, 151030-0-01
  • Compatibility: Fits a diverse array of industrial sewing machines, including popular brands and models from ARTISAN, BROTHER, CONSEW, and many more. Detailed compatibility includes machines like JUKI DDL series, SINGER models from 95 up to 2491D, and specialized equipment from APQS.
  • Construction: Precision-engineered for durability and a perfect fit to keep your machine's bobbin case secure and functional.
  • Pack Size: Sold in packs of 2 screws, providing a convenient solution for immediate replacement needs.

Suitable Machine Types Include:

  • ARTISAN: Models such as 196R, 5550N, 8500N, ZJ-100.
  • BROTHER: Including B705, B735, B757, PQ1300, PQ1500.
  • CONSEW, COLUMBIA, MITSUBISHI: Extensive model support ensures a match for numerous machine types.
  • And many others: Extensive coverage across additional brands like PFAFF, NECCHI, REX, and TACSEW.

Application: Ideal for machine repair technicians, tailors, and textile manufacturers who rely on their sewing equipment for professional results. Whether you're performing routine maintenance or urgent repairs, these screws are essential for ensuring your sewing machine operates at peak performance.

Using the Screws: Installation is straightforward—simply replace the existing worn or damaged screws to maintain the integrity and stability of your bobbin case. Regular inspection and replacement of these screws can prevent sewing issues and machine downtime.

Special Offer: Grab these essential maintenance components and ensure your sewing operations are never halted by mechanical failures. Keep a pack on hand for emergencies or routine machine upkeep.

Explore our extensive range of sewing machine parts and accessories to support your textile operations. For more information on our products or assistance with your specific needs, please reach out to us.

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Bobbin Case Internal Latch Screw

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