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HDPE Vacuum Polythene Film - FREE SHIPPING!

HDPE Vacuum Polythene Film - FREE SHIPPING!

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HDPE Vacuum Film is used in the production of clothing items and in the manufacturing of armchairs, sofas, car seats, leather products, etc together with various types of cardboards and papers. High Density (HD) polythene helps create a vacuum to hold the material lay in position whilst the auto cutter cleanly and efficiently cuts the relevant panels for production of the item being made. This opaque transparent 100% micron precision polythene is available in 15 and 25 microns and in several lengths. Produced on a 3” core (76mm) and regardless of the rolls width, the weight is between 28-30 kilos approximately. Used in conjunction with perforated underlay. The modern cutting rooms are equipped with high production automatic cutters improving cutting accuracy and production. and minimise fabric wastage thus reducing production costs.

Available Thickness 15 & 25 Micron

Sizes Available: 

64" (162cm) 25 microns
70" (178cm) 15 microns
77" (195cm) 15 microns
80" (203cm) 15 & 25 microns
86" (218cm) 15 & 25 microns
92" (234cm) 15 microns
104" (265cm) 25 microns



*64" available in single rolls or pallet of 5. Other sizes Minimum order pallet of 5 required.

SPECIAL NOTE: this listing is also available as single rolls to go with any of the palletised Underlay orders that have free shipping. So order the required pallet of eclipse or perforated underlay and then from the other listing add on the required quantity of HD Vacuum film to be sent together at the reduced price, so your carriage cost is combined.

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