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Groz-Beckert Industrial Embriodery Needles DBxK5, DB-N20,1738 ES

Groz-Beckert Industrial Embriodery Needles DBxK5, DB-N20,1738 ES

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These high-quality system DBxK5 Groz-Beckert sewing needles have been specially designed for use in industrial embroidery machines. Its use reduces skipped stitches and thread breakage, helps protect thread and material and ensures secure loop pick-up. Thanks to its special geometry, needle system DB x K5 displays higher resistance to deflection than other needle systems used in embroidery (for example DB x 1). It stands up better to the high demands made by embroidery machines. The larger eye of the DB x K5 delivers further benefits by protecting thread and material, thus leading to less thread breakage and secure loop pick-up. For high functional reliability in embroidery machines. All needles in a system are of the same length and shank size, but are of various diameters. Lower size numbers are narrower or thinner needles used for lighter materials. Higher size numbers indicate a needle of thicker diameter, used for heavier materials. Available in Regular and Ball point style for all types of fabric Sold in packs of 10’s or 100’s.

System Numbers: DBxK5, DB-N20,1738 ES

Sizes: 65/9, 70/10,, 75/11, 80/12, 90/14

Suitable Machines: Ricoma, Toyota, Brother, Tajima, Barudan, SWF and Many Others.

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