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Fusible Interfacing - Waistbanding - Fusing - Stayflex 3¾" Charcoal

Fusible Interfacing - Waistbanding - Fusing - Stayflex 3¾" Charcoal

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Fusible Interfacing - Waistbanding - Fusing - Stayflex 3¾" Charcoal

Our Fusible Interfacing Waistbanding is a top-tier choice for strengthening and enhancing the structure of garments. This iron-on non-woven interlining is crafted specifically for applications where medium weight firm support is necessary. It's perfect for use on the waist, collars, button stands, pockets, or cuffs of trousers, skirts, and other clothing items. Available in Charcoal, this interfacing ensures a polished and professional finish.

Product Details:

  • Type: Iron-on (fusible), with a sewing option for added versatility.
  • Width: 3¾" (9.5cm), ideal for numerous reinforcement projects.
  • Weight: Medium, 40g/m², balancing stiffness and flexibility.
  • Adhesive Type: Scatter Glue, designed for a firm and even adherence.
  • Texture: Firm, perfect for maintaining garment shape.
  • Elasticity: Non-elastic to preserve the structure without altering the fabric’s natural feel.
  • Composition: 100% Polyester for durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Color Options: Available in Charcoal, with White also available for different styling needs.

Packaging Options:

  • Quantities: Sold per coil of 200 meters. Also available in shorter lengths of 3 meters and 10 meters, which are conveniently folded and packaged in an envelope for smaller projects or individual use.

Usage Instructions:

  • To achieve the best results, set your iron to a moderate temperature suitable for the fabric. Press the interfacing in place rather than ironing back and forth, and allow it to cool completely to ensure optimal adhesion.
  • Always conduct a test on a scrap piece of fabric to ascertain compatibility and effectiveness before applying to your garment.

Special Note:

  • The first few meters of each coil might show slight discoloration (see provided picture), but this does not affect the performance or the internal use of the interfacing as it stays hidden within the garment.

This fusible interfacing is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve professional-grade finishes on their clothing projects. Whether you are a seasoned tailor, a design student, or a DIY enthusiast, our fusible waistbanding interfacing offers the quality and reliability you need to succeed.

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Fusible Interfacing - Waistbanding - Fusing - Stayflex 3¾" Charcoal

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