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Domestic Sewing Machine Needles - 130R/705H

Domestic Sewing Machine Needles - 130R/705H

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Domestic sewing machine needles one side flat on the shank, compatible with the majority of modern domestic sewing machines like Janome, New Home, Brother, Singer, Toyota, Husqvarna, Elna, Bernina, Jones, Fister Rossman, Pfaff, Silver etc.

Available in Universal standard point in four thicknesses. They can be used with woven, synthetic and even some knitted fabrics, although the jersey or stretch needles would give a better result.

Ball point needles push the fabric fibres to the side rather that cut through as a standard needle and so more suitable ribbed, interlock, cotton knits, fleece and various knitted fabrics.

Stretch/Jersey needles prevent skipped stitches, they have what is called a 'scarf' which allows extra room for the hook to pass close by and making it ideal for use with fabrics such as Lycra, two way stretch knits, silk jersey, spandex and highly elasticated synthetic fabrics or even elastic itself.

As to the size (refers to the thickness) the finer needles are mostly used for lightweight fabrics. Larger sizes are used on medium to heavyweight fabrics. Try and use the thinnest needle you can for the fabric without it breaking so as to make the stitch holes smaller and less visible. Available in pack of 5 needles. Sold in packs of three (15 Needles), select one size and add to basket then email the other two sizes/type you want else three of the selected size will be sent.

Standard 70 (9)

Voile, sheers, delicate silk, poly/cotton

Standard 80 (11)

Shirting, poplin, rayon, light wool, Cotton

Standard 90 (14)

Medium - heavy, calico, linen

Standard 100 (16)

Heavy fabric, upholstery, bag making, denim

Standard Assorted Fabrics As Above sizes: 1x70, 2x80, 1x90, 1x100
Ball Point (SES) 80 (11)

Interlock, medium heavy knits, double knit, Jersey

Stretch/Jersey 75(10)

Light Lycra, Chiffon, elasticised fabrics

Stretch/Jersey 90 (14)

Elastic, heavier Lycra, elasticised fabrics, Jersey

Stretch/Jersey Assorted Fabrics As above Sizes: 1x70, 2x80, 2x90
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