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Clear Packaging Bags Plain Polythene LDPE 150G

Clear Packaging Bags Plain Polythene LDPE 150G

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Clear Packaging Bags

A pack of LDPE polythene clear packaging bags, these versatile bags are ideal for a wide range of uses, including food storage and general packaging. Available in various sizes, thicknesses ranging from 100 Gauge to 500 Gauge, and quantities from 25 to 1000 bags, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Each large packa come prepacked in a convenient cardboard carton dispenser, making it easy to access and store your bags.

Key Features:

  • Material: LDPE Polythene
  • Clarity: Clear for easy identification of contents
  • Food Safe: Suitable for food use as well as general packaging
  • Packaging: Prepacked in a cardboard carton dispenser for convenience

Sizes and Thicknesses Available:

  • Thickness Range: 100 Gauge to 500 Gauge
  • Size Range: Various sizes to fit different needs

Quantities Available:

  • 250, 500 & 1000 pieces

Ideal For:

  • Food Storage: Safe and hygienic for storing food items
  • General Packaging: Suitable for a wide range of packaging needs
  • Organization: Keep items organized and protected
  • Retail Use: Perfect for packaging products for sale

These clear packaging bags are designed to provide reliable performance and ease of use. The range of sizes and thicknesses ensures that you can find the perfect bag for your specific requirements. The clear material allows for easy identification of the contents, making these bags ideal for both personal and professional use.

Selection Guide:

When purchasing, please select the desired size, thickness, and quantity from the drop-down menus. This will ensure you receive the exact specifications you need for your application.

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Imperial Sizes Metric Size Quantity
12" x 18" 300x450mm 1000
15" x 20" 375x500mm 500
18" x 24" 450x600mm 250

Clear Packaging Bags Polythene | Garments, Parts, Bakery, Food Safe

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