Tags Loop Locks and Tamper Seals

Tags, Loop Locks & Tamper Seals

If you work in the fashion industry, you're probably familiar with the importance of tags, Kimble’s, loop locks, tamper seals, and their accessories. These items are essential to the process of tagging garments, as well as indicating when a garment has been tampered with, such as when an online or retail return is made and the tag has been removed.

Tags, also known as Kimble’s or barbs, are small plastic attachments used to tag swing tickets onto garments. They are commonly made from polypropylene and are available in natural colour or black. These tags are compatible with all types of standard tagging guns and are perfect for most clothes and fabrics. For delicate fabrics such as lace or chiffon, fine fabric tags are available for this application, are available in natural and have a specific gun which they used.

Loop locks are similar to cable ties, but are a lot sleeker and not as noticeable, and only lock at one position. They come in natural, clear or black, and once locked in, they are almost unbreakable. They are a type of tamper seal that indicates when someone has removed the tag. Loop locks are great for securing garments and can be used in combination with tags for added security. They are also used in other items such as sunglasses, shoes, socks, belts, handbags and many more.

Tamper seals are available in black and white and are made from string rather than polypropylene. They are extremely robust and strong, making them perfect for use as security tamper seals. Tamper seals are difficult to break with hands and are ideal for indicating tampering of garments during transportation, storage, or when a customer is returning the item.

Tagging guns are essential for installing tags onto garments, socks, underwear, ties and many more. They come in two types and are all available on our website. The standard tagging guns are perfect for normal tags, and are available in a budget and a branded option. However, for fine fabric tags, such as those used on lace or Chiffon, a special fine fabric gun is required. The needles for both types of guns also vary; black casing on the needle is for the standard guns, while white casing is for fine fabric.

In addition to these essential items, there are also a variety of accessories available to help you tag your garments. These accessories include tag attaching hooks which are perfect for smaller items like socks or underwear, and come with the hanging hook at the end. Cable ties are also great to use with garments. Although the name suggests they are only ideal for the electrical market, cable ties tend to be utilised in many different industries. In the garment trade, they would be commonly used in bunching hangers together, and sometimes coloured cable ties are used for colour coding of sizes or styles.

In conclusion, tags, Kimble’s, loop locks, tamper seals, and accessories are essential items for anyone working in the fashion industry, but are also suitable for many other industries. They help to tag a variety of garments, maintain their security and integrity, and make the tagging process faster and more efficient. Whether you're a clothing manufacturer, a retailer, a distributor, a bespoke designer, or even an electrician, these items are essential to your business operations.

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