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Yamato Screw Coverseam Hemming Y110041 110041

Yamato Screw Coverseam Hemming Y110041 110041

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Yamato Screw suitable for Yamato industrial coverseam & hemming machines models:- VC2700, VC2700M, VC2713 VF2300M, VF2400-8, VFS2500-8, VG2700, VGS2700-8 UBT machine 

Part Number: - Y110041 110041

Size:- M4 0.7x8

Other YAMATO models:- DCY-251A, DCY-251Y, VG3721, VG3721-8, VG3721-8F, VE2713, VG2700, VES2700-8, VG3721, AZ7000SD, AZF8520G, CZ6500D-8, VC1700-SF, VE2700, VT1500,, VC2400, VC2500, VC28040P, VC2700M, CZ6500, VG2770, VF2429-S,AZ7600G, VGS2700-8, CF2303M, AZ7500G, VC1790-8F, CZ6600-1, CZ6000, CF2300, VC3711-4, VM1800P, CF23339-1, VGS 3721-8, VF2400, AZ7500SD, CF2300M, VC3711-D, AZ8500D, CC2700, VM1804P, CZ6000, DV1266

Quantity:- Single 

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