Dual Notcher & Punch Combined in one Tool, A must for Dressmakers and Designers

Dual Pattern Notcher & Pattern Punch

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When dressmaking or designing garments notches are normally cut around with a small triangle or a slit. A pattern notcher can do this very easily, match notch points during construction. Get your patterns looking professional just by the merit of having even and accurate notches. ideal for use when making garments to mark pleats, seams, darts and alignments. Save time with this simple tool to ensure accurate marking of your pattern key points.  The hole punch tool combination is used for punching out a section on a pattern to indicate seam allowance and punching a hole on the pattern for hanging on a  pattern hook. The combination of the pattern notcher and pattern punch make this a handy and indispensable tool. Notch size 8.5mm x 1.5mm , Hole punch size 1.3cm. Top quality, hardened, forged steel with a durable leaf-spring mechanism.

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