Eclipse Underlay Paper - FREE SHIPPING!

Pins & Needles

  • £25.95

Underlay paper is placed on the cutting table before the spreading of the material. It is designed to protect the fabric from being damaged on the table together with preventing the fabric from creasing on the bottom ply’s. It is also an aid to moving the laid fabric along the cutting table. Each roll is produced with a 3"(75mm) core, suitable for use on CAD/CAM systems such as Gerber, Lectra, Investronica, Vetigraph etc. as an economic alternative to white plotter paper. Sizes Available:- 36"(940mm), 48"(1220mm), 60"(1524mm), 66"(1678mm) and 72"(1824). Thickness 70/80gsm. Approximately 200m per roll. Approxamithyly 200mts per Roll. FREE SHIPPING!!!**

**excludes 36" & 48"

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