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Polythene Packing Bags - Plain LDPE 200G

  • £12.80

A Pack of LDPE polythene clear bags, available in a range of sizes, in thicknesses varying from 100 Gauge to 500 Gauge, and Quantities varying from 25 Bags to 1000 Bags, depending on sizes and thicknesses. All bags come prepacked in a cardboard carton dispenser - suitable for food use as well as normal packaging.

Please see below for sizes, Gauges and Quantities Available. When purchasing you will have to select the options from the drop down menus manually:

Imperial Sizes Metric Size Quantity
6" x 8" 150x200mm 1000
10" x 15" 250x375mm 500
12" x 18" 300x450mm 500
18" x 24" 450x600mm 125
20" x 30" 500x750mm 125
24" x 36" 600x900mm 125