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Peelable Paper Labels - Child Dual Age Sizes

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A range of children's dual age size paper adhesive backed peel able labels. Printed in black on a white label. Invaluable for a variety of tasks including product finishing and quality control, ensuring production of high quality goods. Self-Adhesive labels stick great on fabric, plastic packaging, ceramic, paper and most surfaces. Sold in rolls of approx. 4,000. Available in 16 different sizes. Size of each label 19mm wide x 12.5mm length approx. with rounded corners. Labels should peel off cleanly from most fabrics but if in any doubt, please test out first on an inconspicuous area.




1-2 YRS 2-3 YRS 3-4 YRS 4-5 YRS
5-6 YRS 6-7 YRS 7-8 YRS 8-9 YRS
9-10 YRS 10-11 YRS 11-12 YRS 12-13 YRS
13-14 YRS 14-15 YRS 15-16 YRS 16-17 YRS
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