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Chainmail Protective Gloves, stainless steel mesh, sturdiness and protection in one material for optimum safety. Made from welded stainless steel rings, designed to provide an outstanding resistance to cuts and stabs. Reversible suitable for left or right handed use. Ergonomically designed for optimum operator comfort and dexterity. Flexible strap, adapts to all wrists to ensure comfort, adjustable metal clasp design. Glove size is identified by a different coloured strap. Green = Extra Small, White = Small, Red = Medium, Blue = Large, Orange = Extra Large. Wear when using the cutting knife but also suitable for use in meat processing, butchers, glass and wood processing industries, and a host of other industries where operator safety is paramount. 5 finger glove, sold singly.




Extra Small Green
Small White
Medium Red
Large Blue
Extra Large Orange
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